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Ravens Legends clinched the Division Three A title with a 3-1 win against Margaretting Rovers. Tulip Rangers ended their first season with a resounding 8-0 victory to seal a 100% record in Division Three B. Mayland Village defeated Blackwater 4-3 in Division One B to go second in the closest run division ever as four teams finished separated by one point.

Updated on 14th June 2021. League tables updated and completed.

We would like to pay tribute to all Clubs and Match Officials who have assisted in getting this season to a conclusion despite the immense difficulties we have faced since September. With the vaccine now being rolled out we are expecting next season to run as normal and a proposal for the constitution for the 2021-22 season is being considered. The Annual General Meeting has been delayed until Monday 12th July 2021 - further details will be advised to Club Secretaries in due course.

Club Secretaries are reminded to log on to their WGS dashboard weekly to ensure any disciplinary notices are read and actioned. If you have a player serving a suspension it is your responsibility to notify the matches that the player will miss. All automatic suspensions resulting from red card offences will commence 7 days after the red card. If in doubt contact the ECFA.

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Looking for players? Looking for a Club? Looking for a friendly match? Got an event you need publicising? - send us a notice and we'll do our best to fix it. (Notices will stay for 4 weeks unless you request removal earlier).

CISK Sports F.C of the Brentwood Sunday League Div 3 are currently looking for two friendly opponents for the 30/5 and 6/6. KO times would be 10.30am at Barleylands, Crays Hill with pitch and referee costs shared. Looking at facing opponents of approx around the same standard, so maybe teams in div 2 or below. Contact John Sutton on 07905002097

CLUBS looking for players
Advertise here if you are looking for players. To place an advert send us the details. Alternatively, you can access the FA's Find Football service.

* QUEENS PARK HANNAKINS [Div.2] based in Billericay are looking for new players for next season. Goal keeper & outfield players, preferably strikers or defenders, who are happy to cover as reserve keeper when required. Players must be reliable and happy to train on Astro on Thursdays between 8pm and 9pm. Anyone interested should contact the Club Secretary Dianne Haigh on 07796 788805 or email secqphfc@gmail.com
* GALLEYWOOD RANGERS [Div 2B] in Chelmsford are looking for a few players to bolster their squad for next season. We require a GK, 2 centre backs, a LB, and a couple of ST. Interested players should contact manager Andrew Fergus via text on 07483876949 on via email at andrewfergus83@yahoo.co.uk

Need new kit or equipment for the season?
If you are considering buying a new kit for next season please be aware that you should not buy a kit that is black or predominately black (or very dark blue). Although the Premier League Clubs can wear black, the rules at our level of football prohibit teams playing in black as our Match Officials are required to wear black. This includes the goalkeeper kit. If you are planning on a striped kit ensure the back of the shirts are not black. Referees can refuse you permission to wear such a kit and you may be required to change. If complaints are received the League Management Committee has the power to prevent a kit from being worn which could mean wasted expense. For further details please contact the League Secretary.
Talking about new kit - Colin Wade at Pope & Smith (Chelmsford) Ltd. would welcome a chance to give you a competitive quote on any new kit or other requirements for your Club. Pope & Smith (Chelmsford) Ltd. provide a huge amount of sponsorship to this League to keep your affiliation costs at an affordable level so please repay the favour by contacting Colin on 01245 262481 or sales@popeandsmith.com

Mental Health Awareness in Football A new ‘Mental Health Awareness in Football’ Poster which aims to support grassroots football clubs in raising awareness of, and breaking the stigma around, mental health is being displayed in clubhouses and on social media accounts.
The editable poster, which is available to download from the Essex FA website, features contact details for many supportive organisations, including the Samaritans and Mind. The custom PDF file allows clubs to add their name and pledge to join us in highlighting that sport can play a huge role in tackling stigma and its effects by:
* breaking down boundaries between people with and without mental health problems
* creating social integrations and boosting self-confidence
* tackling physical health inequalities
Groundskeeping Community A new ‘Groundskeeping Community’ has been launched by the Football Foundation, featuring support tools to help ground staff meet their grass pitch improvement targets. A website has been developed in partnership with The FA and the Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG) which supports volunteers and qualified groundskeepers who maintain pitches. Featuring a welcome message from Karl Standley, Head Groundsman at Wembley Stadium, the collaborative space will:
* build knowledge of key operations for pitch maintenance throughout the year
* connect with fellow groundskeepers and share experiences
* seek expert advice on getting the most from the pitches groundskeepers manage

The International Football Association Board have made some minor changes to the Laws of the Game for the 2020-21 season. In summary these are:

  • Handball – the boundary between the arm (handball) and shoulder (not handball) has been defined and the wording for accidental handball offences has been made clearer.
  • If a penalty kick misses the goal or rebounds from the goal, the goalkeeper is not penalised for encroachment unless it clearly affected the kicker.
  • The goalkeeper is warned for their first offence at the taking of a penalty kick, and then cautioned (yellow card) for any further offence(s).
  • Cautions are not carried forward into kicks from the penalty mark.

The Laws of the Game for 2020/21 can be downloaded from the IFAB's website (www.theifab.com/laws )

Important dates (these are subject to change due to the current circumstances.) - Secretaries please read.

  • 20th August 2020 - Clubs must have at least 8 players per team registered with Registration Secretary Martin Smith
  • 13th September 2020 - League season starts.
  • 20th December 2020 - There will be fixtures scheduled. Clubs/Teams wishing no fixture MUST request in writing/email to the Fixture Secretary
  • 27th December 2020 - There will not be any fixtures scheduled - Christmas and New Year festivities!
  • 3rd January 2021 - There will be fixtures scheduled. Clubs/Teams wishing no fixture MUST request in writing/email to the Fixture Secretary before 1st December 2020.
  • 31st March 2021 - The last day for registering or transfering players.
  • 4th April 2021 - Easter - there will be fixtures scheduled. Clubs/Teams wishing no fixture MUST request in writing/email to the Fixture Secretary before 1st March 2021.
  • 13th June 2021 - League season concludes.

Fixtures may be allocated on any Sunday between the commencing and concluding dates (except as stated above). Just because you have not been allocated a fixture doesn't mean you won't get one at short notice. The weather and ECFA Cup competitions may result in weekly fixture amendments. Please inform the Fixture Secretary if you require an away or no fixture on a particular date as soon as possible and definitely before the second monday of the previous month. Waiting for the fixtures to be produced is too late! If you share your pitch with a team from another Competition please let the Fixture Secretary know. Also if your pitch is not available for whetever reason please let the Fixture Secretary know so that arrangements can be made to accommodate this.

ECFA Disciplinary Procedure 2020/21
The Discipline Procedures for 2020/21 are the same as last season. Match Day discipline is in operation for most offences although more serious offences can incur period based suspensions (from all football).
Players and Club Secretaries need to be aware that any player receiving a red card WILL be suspended 7 days after the event from that class of football (Saturday, Sunday, Midweek or Veterans). This will be automatic and there is no appeal procedure (except for wrongful dismissal or mistaken identity). The suspension is from that particular class of football so a player sent off for a Saturday team will still be able to play Sunday football. Please be aware that any improper conduct that is not a red card offence will result in a suspension from ALL FOOTBALL from a date to be advised. The matches to be missed must be notified in advance to the ECFA. There are a number of documents online with further details and procedures - refer to the Essex FA website for further details.

If you need any clarification please contact your ECFA Representative, Dave Emerton, or the senior Disciplinary Officer Fran Smith at the ECFA so that you don't get caught out. A player found playing whilst under suspension will receive a further suspension (from ALL football) together with a fine and the Club will be fined by the ECFA - this is before (and in addition to) any action by the League for playing an ineligible player.

Discipline information can be found on your WGS portal (if you have registered for online discipline) or the ECFA website www.essexfa.com/suspensions. Enter the required player name or Club name into the search box.

Important note regarding Suspensions. If you have players under a suspension and a match is postponed it is your responsibility to notify the ECFA of the revised suspension matches.

Policy regarding postponements due to failing to agree upon a Referee (see page 29 of the handbook)
All Clubs are required to make every effort to complete their engagements.
However, the League recognises that there is a shortage of Referees at the present time and its not always possible to appoint a Registered Referee to each match.
The League will try to minimise the impact of this and will attempt to cover all matches.
Clubs are reminded that Referees may be appointed at any time up to the scheduled kick-off time and should therefore be prepared to play.
If no Referee has been appointed or the appointed Referee fails to attend the Clubs are required to provide an individual to referee the match.
If a match is not played due to the lack of an appointed Referee and the Clubs are unable to agree a Referee in accordance with Rule 23(B), both Clubs will be charged with breach of Rule 20(E) - Failing to fulfil a fixture – and given an opportunity to respond.
If the match was postponed for this reason prior to the scheduled kick-off time and both Clubs are guilty of the offence, the policy of the Management Committee is to fine both Clubs £20 and declare the match void. If the match was postponed after the scheduled kick-off time and both Clubs are guilty of the offence, the policy of the Management Committee is to fine both Clubs £20 and rearrange the fixture if time allows.

If either Club provides a suitable individual the match must be played unless full reasons are given in writing for non-fulfilment.

Results should be submitted using the FA Full Time SMS Text service to allow quick updating of the League Tables and results pages. All Club Secretaries have their mobile number registered automatically unless you Contact us to add/change a different number. Result sheets should be submitted via the Full Time website - again Club Secretaries will be set up to do this. If you have any difficulties with this process please Contact us for help.

You will all have heard of the FA Respect Programme and no doubt have seen it in action. The Programme is being introduced by The FA to help raise standards and address abusive behaviour in the game. The Respect Programme is a key aspect of the FA 's vision for the future and The FA hopes that, as well as improving behaviour in the game at all levels, it helps with the recruitment and retention of referees. The Pope & Smith Chelmsford Sunday League is fully supportive of this initiative and asks all participants, whether it be as player, club official, match official or spectator to treat all others with respect, and to enjoy the game whatever the outcome. See our Codes of Conduct.

The General Data Protection Regulations came into effect on 25th May 2018 and provide you with various rights regarding your personal information. Please be assured that this website does not collect or retain any information about its visitors. We do not store any cookies on your device. If you contact us by email through the website we will only retain your email addresss in order to respond to your email.

Virus Precautions: The addresses on this site are for communication to the League only (unless you have requested your email address be used). They are not used for email from the League. If you receive any mail from anyone at chelmsfordsundayleague.org.uk please delete it immediately and do not open any attachments.

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